Frank Scibelli – Founder

Frank began his career as a restaurateur in 1992 when he opened Mama Ricotta’s, his award-winning Italian restaurant, in Charlotte, North Carolina along with Plate Perfect Catering. Though Scibelli, an MBA graduate from Wake Forest University, enjoyed early success as a business consultant, his love of good food drew him toward the restaurant business.

Since then, the savvy restaurateur has merged his business acumen with his lifelong passion to become one of the foremost restaurateurs in Charlotte, pioneering the culinary scene with his innovative concepts.

Scibelli’s philosophy is simple: he creates restaurants that serve the food that he loves to eat, concepts that were formerly missing in the city. Then, he seeks out the best people to learn from, often traveling abroad to find them, and couples his food education with the best ingredients and scratch made cooking. Scibelli’s concepts focus on fine casual establishments.